MIDS White Gold Cricket Bat

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MIDS White Gold Cricket Bat contains a mid to low swell position allowing you to manoeuvre the ball all around the wicket. Whether you want to commit to the front foot and drive or step back and cut.

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>>Made from Fine quality English willow
>>Grade 2 English Willow
>>40mm thick edges
>>6+straight grains
>>Decent balance and pick-up
>> Superior feel and control
>> Enlarged sweet spot and thick, contoured edges
>>Affordable choice for beginners
>>Aesthetic look
>>3D effect stickers
>>Pro-knocked and ready to play
>>Special cover is included
>>Weights available-2.5lbs-2.12lbs


2.10 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 2.6 lbs, 2.7 lbs, 2.8 lbs, 2.9 lbs




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