CA Vision 3000 Cricket Bat

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Designed for players who like to take a risk and go big, CA Vision 3000 Cricket Bat packs raw power that is ideal for big-hitting all around the ground. Boasting an impressive profile exceptionally for unparalleled pick-up and balance to fully optimize your game maintaining its hitting capacity 

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>>Attractive bat made from popular wood.
>>Medium-sized edges with the sweet spot.
>>Lightweight can be pick up easily.
>>Full cane handle with three layers rubber sheet.
>>Amazing Firm grip.
>>Outstanding performance with superb balance.
>>Lenght is 50 inches.
>>Size around 34-34.5  cm.
>>Ideal for Beginners.
>>Affordable price. 


1 review for CA Vision 3000 Cricket Bat

  1. Alikhan

    Really happy with the product
    Its original
    Very good quality

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