HS Core 5 Cricket Bat

PKR 26,000.00

Endorsed by great players like Sarfraz Ahmed, HS Core 5 cricket bat could be your perfect partner at the crease. It boasts smooth pick-up, ideal balance, and strong profile.

Its extended swell and large sweet spot ensures that any decent connection with a hook or pull shot will earn your a four or a sixer.

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>> Made from super refined, premium quality English cleft
>> Endorsed by Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed
>> Professional pick-up and balance
>> Balanced with wider weight range
>> Square edges and flat face traditional profile
>> Overwhelming power concentrated in the hitting zone
>> Exceptional playability and feel
>> Outstanding weight to profile ratio
>> Aesthetic design
>> Mid-to-low swell position
>> 12-piece cane handle
>> Ideally suited for both front and back foot play
>> Pre-knocked and toe guard fitted
>> Special bat cover is included


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