CA Vision 1000 Cricket Bat

PKR 1,800.00

CA cricket bat boasts an exceptional power-hitting profile, offering incredible  balance, and outstanding control with its extended swell that gives you power all along the face of the bat, CA Vision 1000 Cricket Bat is a great option for those who like to dominate the game and win matches their own.


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>>This bat is a natural classic willow color.
>>Made from popular willow.
>>Purple logo of CA sports with vision 1000 branding on its exterior make it looks attractive.
>>Pocket-friendly bat for all learners.
>>Lightweight and classy look.
>>Half cane handle with two layers of rubber.
>>Lenght is 50 inches.
>>Size around 34-34.5.
>>Quality durable grip made from durable rubber.
>>Ideal for learners.
>>Economical price.


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