CA Gold 15000 Player Edition 7 Star Bat

GBP 364.00

Constructed with a low to mid swell position, CA Gold 15000 Player Edition 7 Star Bat can enhance the game of front-foot dominant players. This specially selected Grade One English Willow contains large pronounced edges in the drive zone enabling you to get your hands through the ball.CA Gold 15000 Bat, ensures unparalleled quality at the best price, setting new standards for excellence on the field

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>>Expertly crafted from Limited Edition  English willow
>>Endorsed and used by professional cricketers
>>Grade 1 English Willow
>>Minimum 40mm thick edges
>>8+straight grains on each bat
>>Steady balance and superb pick-up
>>Massive sweet spot and thick edges
>>Ideally suited for both front and back foot play
>>Embossed stickers with 3D effect
>>Pro-knocked and ready to play
>>Special cover is included
>>Weight available-2.6lbs-2.10lb




2.10 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 2.6 lbs, 2.7 lbs, 2.8 lbs, 2.9 lbs


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